Jetlifee is my brand. Jet is my name and Jetlifee is my life. You can regard it as "the life of a veteran". American flag runs through all my life. I want my brand to spread the American spirit and patriotism.


The Beginning

I retired from the Navy in 2016, where I made friends with people from different backgrounds. Then I went to college but didn't finish it for some reasons. As a dropout, I found it hard for me to find a decent job.


So I decided to employ myself. As an immigrant, I got freedom and democracy in America. The army gave me a deeper understanding of the American spirit. If I have to choose something like the symbol of this country, I will choose the American flag. So I decided to sell it online.


 I got my first inventory domestically, but the result was not good because of the high cost of American made flags. After research, I found foreign sellers sell imported flags at a price that less than half of mine, and these flags took up most of the market. Customers need lower-priced flags. As a US citizen, I can’t stand the fact that American flags sold by foreigners. In the end, I compromised and sold imported flags, hoping that I can help more people buy flags at a lower price. But I still keep the American made flag though it is expensive and doesn’t sell many.


Flags I sell

To be honest, the American flag is not special. The difference between them is that Jetlifee is a brand of the American citizen.

There are thousands of online stores selling it. According to my research, most of them are overseas companies who take advantage of imported flags and sell them at a highly affordable price. Their business doesn’t contribute much to the US GDP, 99% of the profits flow to the pocket of foreigners. I sell 100% American made flags and imported flags. Forced by intense competition, I have to sell imported flags. However, those non-made-in-American flags are packaged in the U.S. I try my best to make more procedures be done domestically. In the future, I will reduce the proportion of imported flags. 


What makes me go on

Customers like my products spiritually. Because flying our flags shows their patriotism. Every time they see the flag they purchase in their room or garden, it reminds them of the fact that how much they love America. The feeling of belonging and proud was engendered by the flag itself. Customers show strong loyalty to my store.

There was a customer who impressed me deeply. After completing the order and leaving a review, he sent a dozens of messages on Facebook. He told me that he liked our products very much and was proud when he hangs the flag. He even said it was a pity that he couldn’t buy me a beer. Most of the time, after my customer receives the flag, the deal was over. But his word reminds me of the fact that I am not merely selling a 3x5 ft American made flag. Instead, I am establishing a relationship of mutual understanding and co-operation, and empathy. I am building a strong emotional connection between American citizens.   



I retired from the American Navy, which made me more determined and resilient than ordinary people. I never easily gave up no matter how hard the problem is.

Starting bare-handed, now my team has me - the owner, a part-time warehouse managerand an outsourced overseas customer service team. Within two years, now the annual profit has reached the amount of a company with 10 employees. I became an entrepreneur from a veteran who couldn't find a job.

In the future, I will make Jetlilfee a household name. Customers not need to worry about the price or where the flags made from. You can find the most affordable flags in Honesty is the No.1 priority. I sell american made flags and imported flags. Customers have their own choice.

I also want to expand my team. Quit overseas service teams and employ my comrade in arms, bringing more domestic employment opportunities.

Last but not the least - domestic manufacturing line. We have contacted textile mills to produce American-made flags with 100% materials of our native. Our ultimate goal is to produce American-made flags with better quality and lower prices.

That's all my words, thanks for reading.


ADDRESS:4278 N Harbor Blvd,Fullerton CA. 92835

PHONE : (833) 377-3695

EMAIL: Info@Jetlifee.Com

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Cooperation factories:4030 Valley Blvd, Walnut CA 91789